Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Making it Through

This morning I got the Js out of the house and got myself ready to spend a large portion of the day at a local coffee shop trying to get this damn project done. As I was brushing my hair I saw my current pop fiction paperback out of the corner of my eye, looked in the mirror and said, "If you make it through this week you can read your book. You just have to make it through the week. You have to get your project done, get your application in, help Big J finish the kitchen, ace your phone interview, prepare the food for your party, and graduate. Then you can take part of a day and sit outside on the porch and read your book. You can do it!"

And then I just felt tired. I thought that coming to the coffee shop would give me a sense of renewal, but it just feels like drudgery. Add to that the fact that one of my former professors walked into the coffee shop shortly after I did . . . no one wants to see a faculty member who has hit on them, let alone in a public place where you have to feign pleasantries.

So here I am, reading my email, playing Scrabulous, posting on my blog, procrastinating. All the while telling myself that if I can just finish the week I can have a day to myself. So why is it so hard to get to work?

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