Saturday, April 26, 2008


Last summer I bought a pair of Born sandals. I was in the shoe store for over an hour trying on various sandals before finally settling on a pair that I really liked. In fact, I liked them so much that I wore them almost every day last summer.

With the recent warm weather I broke out the sandals. Sadly they just don't feel good any more. The cushioning in the footbed is almost nonexistent and after I wear them for more than a couple hours my feet are pretty sore.

Clearly I need new summer sandals. But I really want the same sandals I had last year. In retrospect I wish I would have bought two pair last summer. Of course who thinks about that at the time?

So I've done an exhaustive search and it's really no surprise that I can't find the exact sandals. But I'm really, really picky about my sandals and I don't want just any sandals just because I need sandals. Plus, I don't want to buy cheap sandals because I wear them daily throughout the summer.

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Sally HP said...

Have you checked out Keen? I just bought a pair of MaryJane style that I will never wear socks with so inserted odor eaters before even putting my feet inside, and they're really comfy, plus look fine with shorts or capris.