Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Two Things

I turned in my dissertation manuscript today. It was a relief to get it out of my hands and off my mind for at least a couple days. I have to prepare a presentation and so I'll need to re-read it, but I just need a couple of days to destress.

The other thing: the Js went swimming tonight so I have some time to lay low and I am drinking a glass of wine and watching L&O: SVU. I realized that one of the great things about this show, and the vital part of B.D. Wong's role as Dr. Huang, is that there is always a discussion about the cases and social issues. For example, the episode right now, "Ridicule," is about a male stripper who is raped. There is definitely a stigma about males being raped, but Dr. Huang clearly explained to Elliot exactly how and why it can and does happen. Genius! It's not just an entertaining show, it's a show that challenges cultural assumptions. (Clearly much of this analysis comes from my mind in total overdrive!)


Wild Cayuse Creek said...

I actually feel that the character of Dr. Huang often serves as the show's Superego. I think that's why he plays so well against Stabler.

That Girl . . . said...

Ooo....such a good comment! That is so right on.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I wish I were you! Congratulations! You deserve many hours of television. And the title of Dr. Steinmetz.
Way to go!