Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Is this what a completed dissertation tastes like?

Okay, let me just put this out there: I like Cheetos. Yes, it's true. For all my talk about wholesome, organic, non-processed foods I like Cheetos. Can there be a food that is more highly processed and fake looking? (Okay, maybe Pringles.) Seriously, this is a food that is probably not even a food. I would normally cringe when thinking about eating them...but I can't help myself.

Now, this is either a passing thing, because I've had Cheeto cravings every time I set foot in the library for the last two months (and no, I haven't given in every time -- just a couple times). Or it's a response to stress. I mean, why else would I want such a non-food food?

A clue to the stress theory: Yesterday we had a research meeting and the faculty member brought donuts from Spudnuts, the local donut shop. Everyone talks about Supdnuts and how great their donuts are but until yesterday I had not had one. So, there are four of us in the meeting and she brings in a dozen. One of the women is quite petite and says to me, "Do you want to split one?" I imagined myself as the starving girl as played by Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live suddenly saying, "Lay off me! I'm starving!" Well, not quite that bad, but I did say, "Ummm, yeah....I don't think so." And preceded to polish off my own donut. Now, in my defense, they weren't that big. Of course I secretly wanted to eat the whole box of donuts, but of course that wouldn't look good, nor would it be good looking on my ass. So I stopped at one.

But that's the thing...I think stress causes me to eat bad food. Or maybe just more food. Or maybe more bad food. Whatever the case is, I have to finish this dissertation before I can no longer fit in my pants!


Tracey said...

Cheeto lover here! And, yes. Spudnuts, as well. Did you get to try a coconut one?!

Organic is truly important - but so are the joys of *all* types of food. :) I fall off the organic wagon, too.

Wild Cayuse Creek said...

Yesterday, when I was eating the damn carrot that is my lunch, I was thinking it would be nice if said carrot tasted like Cheetos. But the puffed kind, not the crunchy kind. And then I got sad, because it only tasted like carrot. So I gave the remaining bit to the dogs, who love carrot normally, but they were only interested in the dead bird in the yard.

Sally HP said...

I am also a stress eater (obviously) but since i've hit the third trimester I swear, all I want is sugar. I ate a box (and I mean three different cereal bags in one box) of Trix/Cocoa Puffs/Lucky Charms in ONE WEEK. H didn't even have that much so I can't blame it on him. I told J that I can only get my "triple threat" once, or I'll give birth to a cocoa those cheetos! (or just finish the dissertation, whatever works...:) )