Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Presidential politics

Last night Obama was in town, I would have loved to go but couldn't get it together enough to find a sitter for little j. Clinton was in town a few weeks ago as well. I have been swayed by all the top Democratic candidates and I am still undecided. I want to be inspired and, quite frankly, I haven't been. Clinton, Obama, and Edwards all have their strong points, but they haven't captured me yet.

I have always been an fan of Edwards, his passion for economic equality is something that resonates deeply with my own passions.

Clinton, I believe, has the strongest background and, well, the simple fact that she's a woman appeals to me. I think having a female president would solve a lot of problems, simply because women don't put up with crap.

Obama is appealing because he brings something fresh and new, a feeling of hope that change is possible.

But frankly, I just can't decide. And I am really irritated with the whole primary system. Seriously, why should New Hampshire and Iowa get all the love, it's a national election.

Of course there's always Stephen Colbert.

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Sherri said...

Iowa gets all the love because we make all the corn. Sorry.