Saturday, September 01, 2007

Are you ready for some football?

Today was the draft in my fantasy football league. What I find incredibly cool about the league is that most of us have been playing together for 6 years (maybe a couple years more, Big J and I couldn't remember exactly when we started). It's actually pretty cool that we've been able to keep people together for that long. What is also cool is that, while Big J and I know everyone in the league, most people have never met one another.

So, the draft: Once again Lady's Men (my team name . . . and see my most excellent team logo to the left) scored Brett Favre. Since this will most likely be his last year I am hoping he goes out on a high note. Of course even if he doesn't he's always welcome on my fantasy team (and not just my football kind!).

Actually, I'm pretty happy with my team this year. I feel like I should have a strong season. I've made it to the league Super Bowl twice, and lost twice...but still, at least I've been there. Maybe this will be my lucky year.

Sadly, since I will be all-consumed by my dissertation I doubt I'll have much time to watch football. I think it will be all I can do to manage the team.

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