Monday, September 05, 2011

Organization is (Apparently) the Key

By nature, I am not a particularly organized person. Actually, pretty much the opposite. On the Myers-Briggs I am actually a very strong 'P,' and therefore, totally unorganized. Well, I should say, in the vernacular of the MBTI, my preference is to leave things open-ended, not be tied into decisions. I suppose that it can manifest itself in disorganization. Although, I don't see being disorganized as a negative. I just don't like to be forced into a box.

In any case, with Big J in DC during the week, I have found that some organization is required to keep things running smoothly. little j is as busy as I am during the week, so coordinating our schedules and making sure that things are in place is pretty important. At least it makes things go smoothly, which is always a good thing for getting everyone out of the house in the morning and to bed on time.

I think I sort of took a break on family organization when I started grad school and then Big J just kept doing it after I graduated. In some ways he can still do that, but it definitely needs to be on both our shoulders. And honestly, I don't mind taking some of the things back. I does help to make sure that we both know what is going on.

Here's the thing -- today my office neighbor stopped by to say hello on his way to his office and he set some things down in my office so he could unlock his door because he mentioned that he has tried, multiple times, to unlock his door with a cup of coffee in his hand which resulted in coffee all over the floor. He said that he thought it was a byproduct of work, that is, our brains are otherwise occupied and we can't remember the most mundane things. I think he has a point because my brain is definitely not tuned to the every day things in the way it used to be. In some ways this is an unfortunate by-product of grad school that no one tells you about.

Good to know!

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