Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday Random Thoughts

We're in Oklahoma for Big J's family reunion. Oklahoma is much greener than I expected.

I've learned a lot about the Chickasaw tribe on this trip (the Js are both Chickasaw). Very interesting and different than any of the tribes in the Pacific Northwest, since they are not nomadic or move seasonally.

I also learned that the Chickasaw was one of the tribes that had slaves -- which seems pretty ironic.

We met the family yesterday and today. It's pretty amazing to see how the family is different -- we are definitely the "whitest," which makes since because J's grandmother moved away from Oklahoma at a relatively young age and refused to tell anyone that she was Native American.

We spent one night in Hot Spring, AR -- I'd love to go back there again to explore the town and the area.

We leave for home on Monday morning and have two very long days of driving ahead of us. But little j has been awesome in the car.

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