Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

Generally That Girl is all about the love -- people I admire, girl crushes, tv I can't stop watching. But I just read a post over on the Defamer about actors you irrationally hate. And damn if it didn't strike a chord.

Why is it that we (meaning humans) have such intense dislike for some people yet can't explain why? For instance, I irrationally hate Roxette (I know, totally obscure late-80s reference). I have absolutely no reason to hate her. Her song (the only one that comes to mind is "She's got the look") is not great, but not as bad as some. She just completely grates on me. I also irrationally hate Russel Crow. There's nothing specific about him, he's fine as an actor, but if I never saw him in another movie I would be perfectly okay with that. In the parlance of gen-x "he bugs."

Is it a vibe these people send off? Something completely intangible? I just don't know. The author of the Defamer post suggested that it might be something we see in the actor that we dislike about ourselves. That doesn't seem possible with Russel Crow. What could I possibly see in him that I dislike about myself? So as much as it's a theory...yeah, no evidence to back that up.

Of course there are those people that you irrationally love. Like Kid Rock. Really? He's not particularly attractive (stringy hair, pot belly), his music is okay, he's not particularly interesting. He just has something that is intriguing.

Humans...we're weird.

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