Thursday, October 07, 2010

Reflection on a busy week

Next week is fall break or reading days. Essentially students have Monday and Tuesday off from class. Good for me since I happen to teach on Tuesday. It's hard to believe that we are at mid-semester, but there you go.

Today we have an open house for the ed. school and I am talking with students about our master's and doctoral programs. I was thinking that in the past I have been the organizer of open houses and I am now the faculty member that just comes in and presents on my area then leaves. As I was getting dressed this morning I was grousing about how I didn't think the open house was set up in a way that worked for students and was pretty much a time suck for faculty members....ummmm, yeah. Those are all the things I disliked about faculty when I worked in admissions. Gah! At least I'm willing to admit it!

So how am I going to use my free day on Tuesday? Hopefully productively. I'd like to finish planning out my class for the rest of the semester. If I could make that happen, I'd be super happy.

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