Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Random Thoughts

For some reasons this feels like a Fleet Foxes Friday.

My wonderful astronomy professor friend has a project entered in the Pepsi Refresh Project -- The grant will enable the group to provide bilingual astronomy books to over 300 third grade classrooms in Virginia. If you have a minute, please vote for the Dark Skies Bright Kids book project. (I promise you will not receive spam from Pepsi! And you can vote once a day until the end of the month.)

My new neighbor does a lot of multimedia in his classes and, apparently, his office as well. Sometimes I feel as if I work next to a multiplex. (Currently playing: ragtime music.)

Three day weekend. Sort of.

This is also a good day for Ryan Gosling -- if you haven't been to this site, I suggest you drop everything and check it out. Here's my all-time favorite:

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