Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thinking Ahead

I can hardly believe that fall semester starts in a little over a month. At the very least I have my textbooks selected and ordered for the two classes I am teaching. I haven't even started slightly weird syllabus building technique where I put each class on a sticky note and organize and reorganize them on the wall until I have the topics, readings, and assignments in just the right order. I probably look like a crazy woman with post it notes all over my walls, but it works for me and they only stay up a few weeks.

It's sort of funny because when I mention to more seasoned faculty that I am teaching two new classes in the fall (again) they gasp and wish me good luck. Honestly at this point, I don't know any different. The class I taught this summer was the same as I taught last summer, but I did quite a bit of tweaking and I went from 10 students to 24, so in some ways it felt like a new class.

I am anxious about my classes, in part because I might be adding a third class that I will teach on-line. There's part of me that is feeling that I have no idea how I will get through the semester. But also part of me that knows I will get everything done and things will be fine. Right now, I'm not sure how it will work out, but it will simply because it has too.

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