Monday, June 07, 2010

Summer Toes

Saturday began kind of rough for little j. She had been out late the night before and woke up on the grumpy side. Big J and I gave her some space while we went out to clean the patio (and when I say clean, I mean "use the power washer"). I had been thinking about going to get a pedicure before my class started and decided this would be a good mother-daughter activity that would bring up little j's spirits.

After some significant crying because she didn't want to take a shower, I finally coaxed her in the bathroom, washed her up and sent her to get dressed. We headed out for a girls' lunch and then to the salon.

This was little j's first pedicure and she was astounded by the overwhelming polish color choices. I don't blame her, I often have trouble deciding as well. She finally settled on a hot pink while I chose a sparkly apricot. Then we settled into the massage chairs. At first the soaking tub was too hot for little j, but she quickly got used to it, and she enjoyed playing with the massage functions on the chair.

I was a little nervous for her to get her feet worked on because she seems to be especially ticklish (ditto with me), but she did great. The woman who did her pedicure was so gentle and gave her the special treat of little tiny flowers on her big toe nails. They are adorable!

little j loved her experience, and the other ladies in the salon loved her. She showed off her toes all around, and the woman in the chair next to me commented on how much she would have loved a daughter to do things with (she has two sons).

I enjoyed it as well. We might not have a lot of pedicures together, but as a special treat it was a lot of fun.