Thursday, June 10, 2010


After little j went to bed tonight I went out to get the mail and found a letter addressed to me from the 2010 Richmond Pageant. Apparently I was "referred to [pageant coordinator] as having a daughter between the ages of 7 and 19 within [my] family who may enjoy modeling in front of an audience and learning modeling routines that enable her to accomplish her goals on stage.", no I do not. Well, yes I have a daughter in that age range. But she would not enjoy modeling in front of an audience, nor would I enjoy having her do it. It's possible I am the farthest thing from a pageant mom there is, or at least I would hope so. And while little j might occasionally enjoy dressing up in feathery costumes, she is definitely not interested in doing it in front of people as part of a modeling routine. In fact, she would make a face and then laugh if I even asked if she was interested. After all, this is the girl who told me that the next time she gets her toenails done she wants them painted dark blue with killer whales (the name of her swim team). Nice!

Honestly, just the thought of these pageants skeeve me out. And where, I would like to know, did these people get their information? That is the creepiest thing of all.

Needless to say, little j will be sticking to soccer, swim team and Girl Scouts. She will not been seen in a tiara any time soon.


Mrs. V said...

My sentiments exactly! I am glad little j won't be participating. It's sad thinking about the girls who will be.

Wild Cayuse Creek said...

Oh hell no! I would be taking you out for cocktails and a long talk if you were entertaining the idea. No no no.

Hell no.


Besides, horses don't like tiara girls.

Sherri said...

Can we get a Hell to the NO!