Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm Hot

No, I wish I meant that kind of hot. But these last few weeks have been miserable. And I don't mean to complain, but yuck! In fact I was looking at the weather in Oregon this week and desperately wishing I was there in the mid-70〫weather with mid-40〫temps at night than here with our 90+〫days and 75+〫nights, and that's not even counting humidity.

You know it's bad when your seven-year old tells you to stop complaining. True story.

Last night I made mojitos and asked Big J if it would be bad if I dumped it over my head. He wisely suggested that it might be a little sticky and I should probably use ice water. I did neither, but I really could have without any complaint for the inevitable ice-down-the-shirt action.

But there you are . . . the first day of summer and I am already complaining about the heat. Happy solstice!


Tracey said...

I have taken to the schedule of a old Southern lady - outside in the early morning and the evening, only. Inside napping, eating, reading, playing with Willa and enjoying the AC mid-day.

I made your burgers the other night. A total HIT with the entire family. Thanks for posting it!

Mrs. V said...

Right now I am in the airport, ready to fly away from the nice Oregon weather and into to humidity of Massachusetts! Thanks for reminding me what I am leaving behind:)