Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lawless & Disorderly

Last week a good friend sent me an e-card which read, "I don't want to live in a world where Law & Order can be cancelled but Two and a Half Men can't." Well cheers to that. I don't know which is the bigger travesty -- the fact that L&O was cancelled or that there are several (many?) crappy shows on that remain.

This morning on NPR David Green actually said, "Come on, it's really not over. There are more than 450 episodes that will be rerun." Excuse me? No, it is over. See, those are reruns. There aren't going to be in any new episodes. No more Jack McCoy, no more Lieutenant Van Buren, no more "ripped from the headlines." Reruns are not new episodes; and while I will happily watch L&O reruns 24/7, I like the new episodes because they are current. They keep up with events of the times. What other shows do that on a regular basis? And how many times have I heard a news item, turned to Big J and said, "That's going to be an episode of Law & Order?"

I can only hope that one of the more forward-thinking cable networks will decide to pick it up (USA, TNT). I think it would not only save the show, but allow it more latitude in terms of storyline (see: L&O:CI).

Law and Order has been on the air for over half my life -- what's a girl to do without her police/courtroom procedural? Goodbye old friend.

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Sally HP said...

I can't believe they cancelled it! I hope another station picks it up, because it certainly can't be because not enough people watch it!