Monday, April 12, 2010

A Two-Faced Friend

Every day on my way to and from my office I talk to four individuals, but only when there is no one else around. Today I felt really bad about it because they ran right toward me, expecting to talk to me. But I didn't want the guy in front of me to know that I talked to them.

"They" are the ducks that live in the pond next to my office. On my way to lunch, I noticed the ducks were in the parking lot and I encouraged them to follow me back to the grassy area, which they did. And then when I came back from lunch and I walked by, they ran right toward me. But I walked silently on, not even giving them a backward glance. And I felt terrible.

Is it so bad to talk to ducks? Or any animal for that matter? Would people think less of me? And if they did, why should I care? The ducks have been in residence for over a year now, and I talk to them nearly every day, and sometimes two or more times a day. They quack a response and waddle along looking for bugs, or snuggle under bushes to stay warm. I truly think they know my voice.

Of course, maybe they could care less. But I like to think they care and care about being snubbed. I vow to not be dictated by what people might be thinking of me, and do what I think is right -- no matter how silly I look.


Sherri said...

I think it's perfectly fine to talk to ducks....of course, this comes from a woman who had a "pet" squirrel at the office!

Mrs. V said...

I loved this post. When I read the title I was expecting that you had been the object of a "two-faced" friend, then I was shocked when you were the one doing the snubbing. Finally I had to laugh a little when I realized it was ducks and not people! That was a great set-up.