Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Random Thoughts

This has been an exhausting week. Next week won't be any better. I will feel better when all the admissions stuff is done with work.

Last weekend was beautiful -- sunny and in the 70s. This weekend is more like early spring weather -- cold and rainy. I thought March was supposed to go "out like a lamb."

We got the Netflix disc for our Wii today and can watch hundreds of things (movies, television, etc.). I haven't quite decided if that is a good thing.

No puppy yet, but we are on the lookout!

I have found that if I have a book to read for pleasure life is much better and my mind isn't all-consumed with work.

Today I told Big J that in my next life I am going to be a fire fighter, or a baseball player, or an umpire, or a police detective, or a forensic scientist. I better have a few more lives ahead of me!

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