Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Random Thoughts

I am realizing that how you ask a question is as important as what you ask. Precision and clarity is the key.

little j has been home from school so much in the past three weeks that last night I dreamed about starting a home school. Wait did I say it was a dream? I meant a nightmare!

Also in the past week I've had dreams about my grandfather and my aunt, both of whom admonished me for not visiting them, a virtual impossibility seeing as though they both passed away. Hmmmm....what am I to make of this?

Valentine's Day is Sunday and I would love to spend some alone time with Big J, not really because it is Valentine's Day, but mostly because we haven't had much alone time in the last couple of weeks.

Apparently we are supposed to get snow on Monday. Really? Because if the transportation director for the school district calls one more time to tell us school is canceled I might have to TP his house.

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