Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winding Down

I didn't really expect that when I took a faculty position I would be back doing admissions presentations, but that's exactly what I did tonight. In some ways it is the best of both worlds...I get to teach AND I get to recruit and meet prospective students. I remembered exactly why I like admissions, but I also remembered exactly how exhausting it was.

It's funny how it takes a while to wind down after teaching or presenting. My mind, which is normally pretty busy on an average day, is just going a mile a minute: potential research topics, the make-up of next year's master's cohort, the fact that now that Green Bay is out of the playoffs I am free to root for Brett and the Vikings, the crazily sexist and disgusting column written by a student at the University of Denver and how I can use it as a teachable moment in a class (apparently the original story has been removed from the web), wondering about the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in our universe, the recent earthquake in Haiti, and thinking about my unfinished syllabi for the semester that starts in just over a week.

Gah! Maybe another glass of wine will help!

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Mrs. V said...

Wow! It sounds like that article was something else based on the link you gave describing it. I wonder if the university is questioning the judgement of the advisor of the paper, as clearly that was not going to be well received and would not represent the university well! I can see why they removed it.

I can imagine similar days when my mind can't keep stop going. I hope that you were able to slow down and get some rest!