Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday Random Thoughts

I just looked at my classroom for this semester and I don't think there is any technology in the room. This might be a problem!

This commentary by Joe Biden on the need for increased rail service is spot on. Not only would we gain additional travel options, Americans might find a benefit in slowing down, reading, meeting new people, generally enjoying travel in a more relaxed way.

My desk is a disaster and Big J keeps reminding me that a messy desk is a sign of being busy. This is true, but I've worked so hard at being organized!

Biggest perk of my job? Free tea and coffee. And it is the good stuff!

I have two weeks before I begin teaching...I need more time! Please!

This is our coldest Virginia winter. I realize that there are colder places (ND with a wind chill of -44〫), but when you are not used to a wind chill of 12〫, that's pretty darn cold. (I know, I've become a weather wimp!)

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