Wednesday, December 09, 2009

First Letter Words

A few nights ago we saw a clip of The Princess and the Frog where a man's rear was referred to as a "back porch." This was all to little j's extreme amusement, especially when she connected it with the word crack, as in, "There's a crack in my back porch."

Last night things went to a different level when she said, "Another word for back porch is the A-word." Of course Big J and I wanted to know exactly what the "A-word" was and who told her. As it turns out, it is exactly what we suspected -- Ass. And we talked about the inappropriateness of using that word (even though that happens to be one of my favorites, just not in front of little j).

Then little j told us that there are a lot of letter words, like the F-word, D-word, S-word, and P-word. Oh, I had to hear that. Seriously, who is my daughter hanging with on the playground? Apparently, no one too bad because the words turned out to be: Fat, Dumb, Stupid, and Poop. Although we don't normally use these words, with the exception of poop, Big J and I had to contain our laughter, possibly because we were so relieved.

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