Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Random Thoughts

I've noticed that for the past month my only posts have been Friday Random Thoughts. Perhaps I've been busy. Or maybe I only have random thoughts.

Actually, I normally blog about things in my day and ideas that they bring up. Lately they have all been work related and I just don't feel right writing about work stuff.

I'm beginning to appreciate Friday's at work....quiet, not many people around, a good time to get stuff done.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE teaching? This week I've been working on grading rubrics. So helpful for me and students.

We've had days and days of rain (okay 3 days), and I like it.

I am anxious to do some knitting projects.

In a departure from my normal MO, I haven't really planned Thanksgiving. Sure, I have ideas, but I haven't written anything down and it is only two weeks away.

It is nearly the end of the semester (12/8) and then I don't teach again until 1/25! What will I do with all that time? Write, write, write.

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