Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Random Thoughts

This week was "Reading Days." Although I doubt many students do actual reading and are more likely to take an extra couple days off.

I hoped to accomplish much more than I actually did during my "reading days." And, yes, I was actually reading!

Shout out to Ms. A for her participation in the October Project -- I love the daily photographs!

It is supposed to be 87〫today. What? Fortunately we will have cooler, more autumn-like weather beginning tomorrow.

I am so in love with Glee!

Speaking of television, we've found that we would much rather watch something off the DVR the day after it airs.

little j and I are lobbying for a puppy -- We're not being particularly successful. Big J is unmovable!

Good luck to Big J as he participates in his first sprint triathlon on Sunday!


Sherri said...

Ok, about the puppy--here's what you do--you tell Big J. that you understand why he is resisting, that he really just wants Santa to bring it to his little j on Christmas morning. Ooooh, we love Santa!


Sally HP said...

H is already lobbying for a puppy...'when we get a backyard'...and you're the third person to mention Glee, so now I must watch it!