Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Random Thoughts -- Birthday Edition

This picture makes me super happy.

That headache I mentioned last Friday? Yeah, apparently it was a full-blown viral infection of some sort that included nausea, extreme fatigue, and aching jaw. I've been down for a week.

I know I am better today because it is the first day that I have actually had intellectual thoughts! Woohoo!

little j's birthday was Wednesday. We had a great evening complete with crepes and pumpkin pie--both her favorites.

Big J is taking me out to lunch today, but my present is dinner out and seeing Elvis Perkins on November 2.

The leaves are really starting to change color now. My favorite time of year in Virginia.

This weekend we are cleaning out our garden beds and mounding up the dirt to resemble graves, complete with headstones. Awesome!

Although I really want a puppy, I am pretty content with two cats.

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