Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Random Thoughts

Not a lot today. We are headed to Boise to spend the night with a girlfriend and then we fly home tomorrow morning.

We are all ready to be home, sleep in our own beds and see our cats and garden.

The trip was great -- saw lots of good friends, spent great time with family, ate good food and saw lots of Oregon.

It's hard to believe that on Monday we will be back to our schedules: Big J and I at work and little j at camp.

I get to completely move into my office on Monday.

Apparently the weather has been better in Virginia than it has been in most of Oregon. And by better, I mean cooler. Weird.


Mrs. V said...

I hope that you enjoy your time in Oregon! Right now I am hosting an author Q&A and giveaway for Mia King. I think you would enjoy her women's fiction. If you want to enter to win the books, just comment on my post here:

Mrs. V said...

Oops...I misread the first time. When I saw fly home, I was still thinking of Oregon as home...haha. I am glad that you enjoyed the trip. I bet everyone was excited to see you!