Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Random Thoughts

Another week done. Where in the hell did May go?

When Big J is out of town, I have a major problem keeping up on the housework.

It is supposed to be a sunny and warm weekend. Perfect for BBQ and beer on the back porch.

On Wednesday I used this medieval contraption (see fig.1 below) to concentrate weight lifting to my calf muscles, I have seriously paid for it the last couple of days. Next week I will go back to using free weights.

Dragon, little j's black kitty, came in the house this morning covered in spider webs. Sort of gross, but pretty funny.

I have some birthday money that I've been holding onto and I really want to use it to buy a grass trimmer/edger.

One of my favorite times of the year is when I see the first hummingbirds.

This weekend, along with copious other plans, I am going to really clean and organize my home office. Given that "they" have decided to put me with the grad students for the next two months, I believe that I will be working from home quite a bit.

Also regarding my office: "they" are giving me a great office beginning August 1, but apparently I will be sharing it. What?

Fig. 1

Medieval Calf Machine Torture Device

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Sally HP said...

Oh, I actually love that machine :)