Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Random Thoughts

I am getting anxious about my new job -- and not in the same anxious excited way I have felt for the last couple months -- anxious in a nervous, worried kind of way.

This is Finals Weekend (i.e. graduation) and we are planning to lay low since they expect an additional 35,000 people in town.

little j is really becoming an amazing swimmer -- she is particularly good at the backstroke.

little j's swimming has inspired me to take a swimming class this summer!

My to-do list today is not long, but I have a big project that I would like to finish -- since it is now 10 a.m. I suppose I should get to it.

Our newly planted garden is looking good -- peas, beans, and radishes have all germinated -- but I really need to get a fertilizer since our soil test said we were sorely lacking in nitrogen and phosphorus.

Speaking of plants -- I really need to repot several of my houseplants this weekend.

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