Monday, March 23, 2009

What Disappoints Me

Last week I wrote a little rant about my current work. I think what has made me most upset is not necessarily how things went down, but the fact that I am now at the point that I don't want to look at quantitative analysis again for about 10 years. The fact is that I enjoy statistics -- call me crazy, but I enjoy the challenge. I like thinking things through logically and doing things step-by-step.

But this last month has drained all that away. Without support and guidance SEM is really hard. Not that I expect it to be easy, but I expect to understand it and make sense of it, and not have to explain it to people who supposedly know more than I.

There have been a lot of frustrating things about this year and this post-doc, I just hope that I can look back and feel like I've accomplished something both for myself and the field. At this point, I just want to be done.

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Hyperreflexia said...

i wish you done and done sister.