Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Knitting Project

Last week my grandmother sent me seven sets of double-point knitting needles. I have a couple sets, and have used them to finish off caps, but haven't really made anything completely with the double-points.

I called her a couple days ago to let her know they had arrived. We had a conversation about knitting socks and mittens. I told her I had ordered yarn for socks and should have it in a few days, but was a little nervous about the "heel turn." She suggested I start with a pair of mittens because there was no heel. But what about the thumb? She assured me the thumb wouldn't be a problem.

Well, I just happen to have a skein of Lambs Pride Super Wash that I bought to knit little j a pair of mittens so I figured this was the perfect time to try it out. I'm about four rows into the ribbed cuff and I have to say that using double pointed needles make me feel like a crazy person. In fact little j looked over and said, "Mom, why are you using four needles?" Even she thinks it's crazy!!!

I'll keep you posted.

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Sally HP said...

Turning the heel is SO easy! Don't fret, just follow the instructions no matter how weird it may seem. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to call! Welcome to the sisterhood of the socks...they're SO FUN! I'm totally jealous that you have Shepherd's pride!