Monday, December 15, 2008

The Family Christmas Tree

Last year I wrote about our Christmas tree cutting adventures -- this year was a near repeat! I honestly don't feel that December 13 is late to get a tree, but apparently others in Central Virginia disagree.

Once again we loaded up the Vue and headed up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Skylark Tree Farm, and once again it was closed with a large "sold out" sign. Of course when you look down to the tree farm it doesn't look like they are out of trees, but then again I'm not a Christmas tree farmer, so what do I know.

Big J suggested we drive a little farther south to see if there is another option, then we preceded to turn around after a little less than a mile. As soon as we turned around we say two verhicles come up behind us with trees on the top of their vehicles. So, we turned around once again and kept a lookout for a tree farm. Sure enough we saw one and we made our way to the trees.

They had a great selection and we found one without much effort. We almost always get a tree that is too big (my fault), but this year Big J kept us in check and the tree fit in our living room perfectly. I think it is one of our best trees ever. I'm sure little j would agree.

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