Monday, November 17, 2008

This May Be True

When I started this blog I found that it was a good outlet during the dissertation process. It gave me a space to clear my thoughts so I could settle down to the business of writing. Lately it seems like I haven't needed the space as much. Is it because I don't have as many thoughts or because I have more room in my head for them now that I am not writing my dissertation?

I suspect it is the latter. Actually, I hope it is the latter. Because if I don't have as many thoughts then what is the purpose of getting an education?

So in thinking about my thoughts (is what what they call metacognition?) I have come to realize that the more I think about work, reading, potential research topics, the more I can put other thoughts in shoe boxes on my closet shelf (metaphorically, of course). When I think about the issues facing other people (poverty being high on my list) my issues seem insignificant and petty. Of course they are not, but I think that I have become adept as using this strategy to not focus on my life and my well-being.

Is this a bad thing? Who can say. I certainly can't. But perhaps it is enough to simply acknowledge what is going on in my head.

Which reminds me: Last week I went to Ms. A's disesrtation defense (which she rocked, by the way), and there was a conversation about modeling behavior for young women. I was thinking that to be a really good role model you have to be honest about your own struggles, fears, and frustrations and you have to be willing to openly celebrate success, no matter how small. I've been reflecting on my relationships with women in my life, and the ones that are most enduring and most rewarding are the ones where I have been the most honest about my shortcomings. Thank you, Ms. A, for enouraging that reflection.

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