Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Random Thoughts

In the post-Thanksgiving bliss I nearly forgot that today was Friday!

Yes, I did shop this morning...I got up and ordered something on-line and that was the extent of my spending extravaganza!

This morning little j, my good friend, and I all had pumpkin pie for breakfast. That, my friends, is the essence of Thanksgiving.

Sometimes I feel guilty because I have a good, happy, and stable life.

This year I missed my family in Oregon terribly.

The day before Thanksgiving I found out that I had a paper accepted at a national conference on identity development and I am so excited and proud.

This weekend we put up the Dickens Christmas village. It is the official start to the holiday season.

little j and I were reading one of the "My First Little House" books the other night and she asked me if the family was poor. When I explained to her that it was "in the olden days" she was satisfied, but then wanted to know if the people were real. I think she may be ready for the real deal and that is really exciting because I can't wait to read them to her.

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