Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Random Thoughts

I am having a tough time getting going this morning.

Is it sad that I am so excited about a new cell phone?

My Grandma gave me a check for my birthday with instructions to "buy something for myself that I don't need." Luxury!

Now that the weather is changing I am excited to get back into some knitting projects, including the Knit One Save One campaign.

I am feeling very sorry for Minou who is totally pissed off that we have a new cat in the house. I've been trying to keep our bedroom "her space." Of course this morning little j brought Dragon into our bed and Minou left in a huff.

What would happen if I wore the same thing every day? Would anyone notice? It would definitely save the irritation of having to decide what to wear each day.

I feel a sore throat coming on. Maybe I'm just tired.

I have to prepare my upcoming conference presentation. I probably can't wing it. Let me rephrase: I probably should not wing it.

Big J is headed to NY next week to take a class. little j and I will have some good "girl time."

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