Sunday, October 12, 2008

Book Challenge

A couple months ago I joined the book challenge and had a list of 6 books that I would read by the end of January 09. I've read one book. And it was the shortest book on my list. I feel like such a loser.

And not to make excuses but I've realized that life is a bit more complicated and full than I thought. Here's why:

I began my graduate program when little j was 9 months old, so in those first 9 months of her life there wasn't a lot of time for reading, as other new moms can attest. Then after I started grad school all my reading was academic. During breaks I didn't even want to pick up a book for pleasure.

I honestly thought that when I was done with grad school and had a job my time would once again be a little more flexible and I would be able to read voraciously. Ha! Instead, my time is filled with work, writing articles, working on job applications, planning for presentations, and putting in program proposals. Not to mention the fact that three days a week I am home when little j arrives home from school and we spend the afternoon together.

Sure, I have plenty of time to read kids books and a magazine article here and there, but to get into a a novel has been beyond my capabilities. Of course I have to admit, that I really, really like television, so if I didn't have that I would probably have more reading time. But sometimes television is just what That Girl needs.

I'd like to get to a point where I purposely take one day a week and set aside about 3 hours to really read, to delve into a book and get lost in its plot and characters. I know that time will come, it's all a matter of being patient.

Until that time gets here, I'll look forward to my upcoming plane rides where I can read without interruption.


Tracey said...

I think it would totally understandable to say you have a wee bit of an academic reading hangover. Be easy on yourself - wanting to read will return.

In the meantime, enjoy television. I sure do!

Sally HP said...

HA! I just got my first one in the mail today, and it's The Joy Luck Club...also my shortest...I bet most people read all 6 in December and review them then..."I work best under pressure"