Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why Brett, Why?

I think it is fair to say that as a Green Bay Packer fan I am also a Brett Favre fan. However, the two aren't inextricably linked. The Green Bay Packers will still be the team I root for regardless of the starting quarterback.

And today, I am not a Brett Favre fan. While I believe he is (was), arguably, one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game, he's really (and how can I put this delicately?) taken a dump on his legacy.

So here's what I would like to say to Brett:

Dude, we know that leaving something you love, something you've put your heart, soul, and body into is hard. But it's done. It's over. I'm sorry you ended your career with an interception, but in the great scheme of things that isn't what people are going to remember. The 2008 season was amazing, one of your best and that's what people care about. We love the memory of you scrambling out of the pocket and completing the impossible pass. We love your spirit and boy-like love of the game. We love how, even in the face of tremendous sorrow, you went out and played one of the best games of your career. We love your humbleness and commitment to your teammates. That's who Brett Favre is, and that's who we will all remember. Even people that vehemently hate the Packers can't deny that you were an amazing player -- a force on and off the field.

Brett, here's what you need to do: Sit back, relax, have a beer and watch some college games. Spend time with your wife. Take your daughters to school, help them with their homework. Go on a fall picnic and pick apples or select a giant pumpkin to carve. Get a frickin' hobby. Read a book. Take time to think about your amazing accomplishments. Grieve your loss.

It's hard. We all know it. But there's not one person on this earth that hasn't given up something they loved, wondered if they had made a mistake, seriously considered going back. I've done it -- but I didn't go back, and guess what? My life is all the better for it.

And that's where my life motto comes into play: Make a choice, and make it the right choice.

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Wild Cayuse Creek said...

Gives a big amen, and a heavy sigh.