Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm Not Nancy Drew, But I Play Her On TV

Okay, I don't play Nancy Drew on tv, but I certainly would if they asked me to. I'm not quite the titan-haired slim teenager that she is portrayed in the books, but I do have reddish hair, I'm smart, and I love a good mystery. Shouldn't that qualify me for the role?

Not long ago I found this notepad (pictured above) and I somehow got it in my head that if I carried it around and whipped it out to take notes people would be reminded of Nancy Drew and think, "Oh she'll be able to help discover what happened to Grandfather's will," or some such mystery they need solving at the moment.

So, I've carried the notebook around, writing my to-do lists, reminders, phone numbers, etc. Unfortunately no one has approached me to ask for help solving a mystery, which is odd because I seem to attract interesting (read: generally annoying) people that want to have random conversations with me.

Honestly, I'm not obsessed with Nancy, I just want to have an amazing adventure that takes me across the countryside in my sporty convertible, accompanied by my best girlfriends and special guy friend who will all worry about me but in the end trust my instincts while I leap into harm's way to solve the mystery.


Wild Cayuse Creek said...

The ability to attract generally annoying people that want to have random conversations with you is a genetic disorder. I have it, too. It has to do with eye contact.

I also believe it is also contagious - in that a genetic carrier can pass it along to a non-blood relative, as it has started to happen to S as well.

No science was harmed in the making of that theory.

That Girl . . . said...

Totally....remember our little friend from high school?