Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Random Thoughts

It's hard to believe it's the Friday of my first full week of work. I realized how much I missed having a real job, but even more I realized how much I love research. I couldn't ask for a better "first job."

Big J left for Texas today to support FEMA for the impending Hurricane Gustav.

This was little j's first full week of school. She's become so independent.

Note to John McCain: Do you really think you made the best choice? I applaud selecting a woman to run as your VP, but I'm not sure if Gov. Palin is the best you could do. Talk about lack of experience.

It's hard when your family pet gets older and doesn't get around as well.

Tomorrow is the first UVa football game. They play USC and I predict it is going to be a madhouse around town.

I saw this bike today and I love, love, love it! I'd be willing to give up daily driving with a bike like that. (Hint, hint Big J!)

We were cleaning off our old computers and I found pictures of my first cat Sophie. She dies while I was pregnant with little j. They made me happy and sad. I miss her.

We finally got some rain, the remnants of Hurricane Fay. But I think 5 inches in one day is a little excessive.


Wild Cayuse Creek said...


Sally HP said...

WAIT! How did I miss that you got a job?! Congratulations!

Sherri said...

Remember--if you get on a bike, you risk getting wind and/or rain in your face on off days. I'm just sayin...

That Girl . . . said...

Dammit! I guess the bike is out except for days that are not humid, windy, rainy, hot or too cold. So I could ride my bike, what, 5 days out of the year?

Hyperreflexia said...

and weren't you there when i fell off the stationery (sp?) bike in the dorms? bike riding is dangerous.