Tuesday, June 03, 2008

When is 10 days not 10 days?

Apparently when you are part of a pool of applicants for an academic position. As in, "We should know something in 10 days so I will be in touch." What do you know, 18 days later and still no word. I shouldn't be surprised since the deadline for this particular position was the end of February and it wasn't until April that they finally set up phone interviews -- for a month later! Anyway . . .

I don't like not having a job or at least the prospect of a job. I just really want to get back to work. Right now my work consists of a few hours a week of research and applying for jobs. I've never not had a job when I wanted one. Before grad school there was only one job that I applied for that I didn't get. I know there are thousands, nay millions, of people that apply for jobs and don't get them. And I shouldn't take it as a personal failure since there are a lot of qualified people out there. But, and this is a big BUT, I'm not contributing to our collective family economy and that is making me nervous and feeling like I don't do enough to make our lives better. Wow...talk about putting some pressure on myself. (And trust me, it's all me, Big J hasn't put pressure on me other than to help me look for positions and encourage me. What a guy!)

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Milly said...

How frustrating! I hate it when people don't stick to their deadlines, and worse, when their deadlines are long in the first place. Whoever gets you will be very lucky!