Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Political Dish

(From the Clinton campaign website.)

So this morning I woke up to hear how the DNC has decided to handle the whole Michigan and Florida delegate issue and the fact that there are voters in both states that are angry about the decision. And, in my humble opinion, rightly so. However, the voters' anger is completely misplaced. They shouldn't be angry with the DNC, rather they should direct it toward state party leaders who, despite warnings from the DNC, chose to hold their state primaries early.

Additionally, the fact that Clinton is upset by the outcome of the Michigan decision is simply ludicrous. Obama chose to abide by the DNC decision and took his name off the ballot. Clinton, for whatever reason, chose not to and by default (because she was the only one on the ballot) won the MI primary. We will never know the intention of the voters who chose "uncommitted." But Clinton contends that Obama should not get those votes.

What is really annoying in all this is that both Clinton and Obama (along with the other nominees at the time) agreed with the party decision to penalize the states. However, now that Clinton is behind in pledged delegates she jumps on (or perhaps even drives) the bandwagon to seat and count all the delegates.

But let me go back to my original point: If voters from Florida and Michigan are angry they should direct their outrage to the state party leaders who chose to defy the rules of the DNC and hold unsanctioned primaries. It is the state party leaders who should be answering for this mess.

But this just goes to the larger issue of the primary process...we'll leave that for another conversation.

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