Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Random Thoughts

I almost didn't make it this Friday because we are busily cleaning house and I have a phone interview. But here goes:

It is humid today, the first real humidity of the year. I always forget what it feels like until it's upon us and then I remember why I don't like it.

I couldn't be happier that Edwards endorsed Obama. Now if he will only agree to run for VP. Now there's a winning combo!

As happy as I am to be graduating I'm just a bit melancholy. But the good thing is since my degree is in Higher Ed I will never leave college!

Big J is out of town next week and I am going to be very lonely without him.

We are going to Oregon in a few weeks and I can't wait!

Sitting in my office, looking at all my books from grad school it is hard to believe that I've read (or mostly read) every single one. Remember to good old days of undergrad where you never even cracked open the book?

I always tell people that I love change, but really it scares the hell out of me. Maybe that's why I like it -- some people enjoy the rush fear gives them.

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