Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Thoughts

I have been thinking about writing a list of things that I want to do after I complete my dissertation, but I'm too tired to think about what might go on the list. For example, when someone asked me what the difference was between Ash Lawn and Monticello I replied that Ash Lawn was not as "Monticello-y" and that's the best I could come up with.

Yet here I am again today in a local coffee shop, dissertation in front of me, armed with a pen and highlighter. I haven't been able to open it up because I know it will just mean more work. little j asked me this morning when I was going to stop going to the library. I told her very soon, but today it feels like never.

My dear cousin sent me an audio clip from The Onion (check it out here) and there is one part where the guy says, "In 1998 I was just finishing my dissertation, and . . . shit." Shit indeed my friend.

I turned in all my chapters to my advisor yesterday for one last go-over before I give the final copies to my committee. She is going to give me feedback by Sunday. I'm terrified.

Every time I walk down a flight of stairs I worry that I might fall. Yes, every single time.

If I had given birth to a child instead of starting a dissertation, that child would be over two-years old, a lot less work, and a lot more fun than my dissertation is right now.

Okay....that's it for my random Friday thoughts. TGIF friends! (Although that doesn't really fit since I'll be in the library again this weekend so it doesn't really matter what day it is . . . it's all hell!)

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