Sunday, January 06, 2008

Neglect and A Bit Of A Rant

I feel like I've neglected my blog since I began my new blog. But I have been thinking of it!

Today I met with my dissertation girlfriends for coffee and a quick catch up. Ms. A was away on Semester at Sea from September to mid-December so it was nice to see how things were going for her. And I hadn't talked to Ms. M since early December. We are all on track to graduate in May and Ms. M reminded us that we have to apply for graduation by the end of the month. And then she told us that it now costs $140.50 to apply to graduate! WTF!!! That is ridiculous. As if they don't get enough of our money. And if not our money, at the very least our sweat, blood, and, in many cases, our sanity. But of course we will dutifully hand the money over because we haven't worked this long and this hard to not receive our giant diploma and our doctoral hood (which we also have to pay for or at least rent).

In addition, we are required to pay to have our dissertation microfilmed ($75) and two copies turned in on "approved paper" ($.085). If we want a bound copy that is $17.50, and if we want to copyright our dissertation then it is $50. Holy crap! They get you coming and going. No wonder only about 50% of ABDs complete their degree....not only is the dissertation process a bitch, it costs money!

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Sea Legs said...

Ms. A couldn't agree more!!! :-) Right on, sister! Loved seeing you today.