Sunday, November 04, 2007

A little bit of healthy dependency

Big J came home early Friday evening. Sadly, I have been sick since Thursday with some bizarre cold which only includes a cough and a major headache (what's that about?). He's been amazing, letting me sleep in, playing with little j, picking up around the house, etc. But I am more motivated to do things now that he is home. I know this sounds incredibly sappy, but I just don't feel like myself when he isn't around. I feel like part of me is missing.

When I first realized this, I was a bit worried. Am I too dependent on him? Am I not independent enough? That may be the case, but I am actually pretty okay with it. I love being around him even when we are just sitting together watching television. He knows me better than anyone else and likes me in spite of what others may perceive as faults, or, at the very least, quirkiness. Around Big J, I laugh more, I cry more, I accomplish more; I'm healthier, saner, and definitely happier.

As sappy and cliche as it sounds, Big J completes my life. He is absolutely my better half, maybe even better 65%!


Hyperreflexia said...

Headache is most likely due to 1) sinus pressure 2) dehydration related to decongestants 3) you have a headache.

Coyote said...

:::: tears ::::