Friday, October 05, 2007

Smokey Bear

Tonight little j came home from school excited to share with me that she met Smokey Bear at school. They have been talking about fire safety all week and Big J arranged to come and talk to her class about forest fires and brought Smokey with him.

little j was beaming as she told me how she was first in line to hug Smokey and how excited all her friends were. She was surprised to see her dad bring Smokey in. And what a great thing for a five year old to say that her dad is friends with Smokey.

I actually couldn't wait until she came home tonight to tell me about her day because I was Smokey Bear! So I knew everything that happened, and then to hear her perspective was just so fun.

When Big J told me that I was going to be Smokey I was pretty skeptical. But it turned out to be so much fun. It was great to see the excitement of the kids, hear their questions (are you real? why are you wearing pants? where do you live?), and get hugs. There are some kids that were a little standoffish and some that were skeptical. But by far the kids were happy and smiling. And we all got our picture together with the kids saying "Only you can prevent forest fires!"


Coyote said...

No way! You've officially crossed over to the coolest mom in the world status!

You rock.

Sea Legs said...

Ummm....hello! You ARE the world's best mom--how sweet. Send me a picture. I miss you, Smoky! I'll send you an email soon so I can fill you in--I'm still struggling with all of my same dissertation issues despite being on this ship. Hope you are well!

Tracey said...

I adore this story! Great fodder for those giggles that we love . . .