Friday, October 19, 2007

a crazy week

On Tuesday I wrote that I was making progress...and I am, but I haven't worked on the dissertation since I met with my advisor. Instead I have been working on a proposal submission for a conference, taking a one day trip to NYC, and spending the day with little j cleaning the house and setting up a fish tank. And one more thing: planning a birthday party for almost 20 5-year olds, complete with princess castle cake.

So here's the thing--why did I tell little j I would make her a castle cake? I will admit right here that I used a box mix, albeit an organic one, as well as boxed frosting, again organic. So that really did save me time because I made half a sheet cake, two 8-inch square cakes, and two six-inch rounds. They are currently in the fridge stacked up and supported by three cake dowels waiting to be frosted. But I ran out of frosting. So tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

The trip to NYC: I left the house at 5:00 am yesterday picked up my three grad student colleagues and drove to Richmond, flew into LGA, took a taxi into Manhattan and spent all day at a meeting, then ate some dinner, took a cab back to LGA, flew back to Richmond and arrived home at almost 11:00 pm. Whew! What a day. But it was really good and very productive. And I did get a chance to see the tiniest bit of New York. I suppose that the small amount I did see wasn't the ideal--I was within a block of the Empire State Building--so I didn't have the best impression. I mean, it's a big city. I know that there are people that would be appalled to hear me say it, but I just wasn't that awed. However, I do want to go back.

I have a busy couple weeks ahead of me. I have a plan to write at least two chapters before November 6 and that day is coming right up. Not to mention the fact that Big J is going to be in Oregon for two weeks and Halloween is just around the corner. Whew...I think little j is going to have to have some patience.

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Tracey said...

Go-go-go, C!

It is too bad your meeting was in mid-town NYC. Pretty dull. Not even a good restaurant around there.

Good luck with the cake!